The Enthusiast’s Handbook: a guide to enjoying the world’s best teas

by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J Heiss

Publisher: Ten Speed Press, 2010

An informative and easy to read guide on all aspects of tea which  includes the history of tea, how it is served in various cultures and a
discussion on where and how it’s produced. Mary and Robert Heiss have utilized their 35 years of experience to put together an in-depth guide to help the tea connoisseur purchase, store and make an exceptional cup of tea.  The book focuses mainly on how to differentiate between the 6 classes, or 35 types, of tea that includes a visual image and a written description of each type of tea’s aroma, flavor and appearance.

A glossary gives the beginning tea enthusiast a better understanding of terms used in the production and the brewing of tea. An example of is “terroir – the combined influence of geography, weather, season of the pluck “ and “fannings – the tea that remains after all the other market grades of tea  have been sieved”. This handbook includes a buyer’s guide with listed websites that will encourage the reader to seek out new and exotic varieties  that are discovered within the pages of this  exceptional book.

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Paper Towns

by John Green

Publisher: Dutton,  2008

John Green tells a believable story of teenage self-discovery,
friendship and first love. He uses strong edgy characters that portray teens
with everyday concerns and strong, fast-paced dialogue that leads the reader on
a physical and emotional journey in search of friendship and adventure.

The story begins with a flashback of Quentin and Margo, at the age of
10, finding a man, dead, in a nearby park.
This tragedy affects Margo and Quentin differently, and unknowingly,
this event shapes the rest of their lives.
Margo becomes the risk-taker and the forced center of attention of her
family and friends who she rejects and defies through unconventional adventures.
In contrast, Quentin lives an extremely controlled life with only a small group
of high school friends. Margo and Quentin grow apart due to their different
lifestyles but their lives intersect again in the last few weeks before high
school graduation when Margo invites Quentin on one of her unconventional
adventures. This book takes readers on a wild ride filled with revenge and
heart racing adventures that challenges the meaning of friendship and first

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